Special Abilities

For autistic and special needs children.

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SwimKids is proud to announce our Special Abilities swim program specifically designed for children with special needs. The developmental swim program provides a positive outlook and emphasis on the strengths and unique attributes of each swimmer. Our program focuses on water education, developing water safety and swimming skills. The program is customized for each child's emotional and developmental abilities, with the goal to help each child become physically active, build self-confidence and self esteem, learn the life-saving skill of swimming, and eventually to offer them another avenue for integration into a small group for high functioning special abilities children. The program is being offered at our indoor swimming facilities in Woodbridge, Leesburg, Gainesville, and Fredericksburg. Each class is 30 minutes, once per week.

The special needs swim program is led by SwimKids Owner, Dave Tonnesen and Special Abilities Director, Angela Baker. Mr. Tonnesen, an aquatics professional with over 20 years experience, is the former Head Coach of the Prince William County Special Needs Swim Program and received a commendation from the Prince William County Board of Supervisors for his work with special abilities children. Ms. Baker has been working with special abilities children in an aquatics environment since 2004 and is the Head Coach of the East Prince William County Special Olympics Swim Team.

Special Abilities Class Schedule

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NOTE: All Program have an annual registration fee of $39.00. Most special needs children start as private lessons. As our teachers get to know your child and their unique situation, we may come to you to suggest a special needs group arrangement.

Special Needs Private Classes at Woodbridge:

RegisterLevelLocationDaysTimesAgesOpeningsClass StartsSessionTuition
 Special Ability GROUPWOODBRIDGETue5:00pm-5:30pm5 - 8101/04/11Monthly Lessons106.00
 Special Ability GROUPWOODBRIDGETue5:40pm-6:10pm6 - 15108/01/11Monthly Lessons106.00
 Special Ability GROUPWOODBRIDGETue6:20pm-6:50pm3 - 6209/06/11Monthly Lessons106.00
 Special Ability PRIVATEWOODBRIDGEThu11:40am-12:10pm-FULL01/06/11Monthly Lessons301.00
 Special Ability GROUPWOODBRIDGEThu3:00pm-3:30pm-109/08/11Monthly Lessons106.00
 Special Ability PRIVATEWOODBRIDGEThu3:40pm-4:10pm6 - 15FULL09/06/12Monthly Lessons301.00
 Special Ability Swim with MeWOODBRIDGEThu7:00pm-7:30pm3 - 15101/06/11Monthly Lessons106.00
 Special Ability GROUPWOODBRIDGEThu7:40pm-8:10pm-FULL01/06/11Monthly Lessons106.00

Special Needs Private Classes at Gainesville:

RegisterLevelLocationDaysTimesAgesOpeningsClass StartsSessionTuition
 Special Ability GROUPGAINESVILLFri7:40pm-8:10pm6 - 15211/02/12Monthly Lessons106.00
 Special Ability GROUPGAINESVILLFri8:20pm-8:50pm6 - 15108/28/15Monthly Lessons106.00

Special Needs Private Classes at Leesburg:

RegisterLevelLocationDaysTimesAgesOpeningsClass StartsSessionTuition
 Special Ability PRIVATELEESBURG_1Fri5:40pm-6:10pm3 - 15FULL09/06/13Monthly Lessons301.00
 Special Ability PRIVATELEESBURG_1Fri6:20pm-6:50pm6 - 16FULL09/05/11Monthly Lessons301.00

Special Needs Private Classes at Fredericksburg: