Welcome! We're so glad you found us! We teach swimming to all ages and abilities starting at 2 months all the way through swim team.

What is the "best option" to learn to swim? How often should we come? Swimming is a skill that can be enjoyed for a lifetime and takes regular practice to develop and maintain. Practicing swim skills as often as possible is the best way for your child to become a great swimmer! 

 At SwimKids we offer classes seven days/week at all times of the day to meet your family's needs. Many families find that coming once per week on a year-round basis allows their children to advance their swimming and maintain it year-round, while not overwhelming the family schedule. 

When the kids are out of school, we offer more intensive 5 day programs that we call "swim camp". This is a great way to supercharge your child's progress and improve their swimming quickly!

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  • Once/Week Lessons Programs & Prices Click to view

    Swim Lessons are 30 min classes (billed monthly based on the number of lessons on the schedule)

    Swim lessons are offered year-round for all ages and ability of swimmers from 2 months - adult. You may start any time and lesson fees are billed monthly.

    We give sibling discounts. The first child pays the regular monthly fee and each additional child receives 10% off their monthly tuition. There is an annual $39 annual registration fee per student (upgrades are available).

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  • Swim Camp Programs & Prices Click to view

    Weekly Sessions are only $125/week!

    Weekly sessions start in May and are available all summer long. These classes are designed to take advantage of kids' greater availability to take lessons when they're out of school. Spring Break & Summer Swim Camp really give swimmers a jump start on their swimming because they receive five classes every week!

    Our 2021 Spring Break Camps are March 29 thru April 2.  Call or click below to reserve your spot.  Space is limited! 

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  • Weekly five-day summer camps are $125 per week and are available at our indoor pools in Gainesville, Leesburg, and Woodbridge.        

    SwimKids offers outdoor four-day Swim Camps in Fredericksburg for $79/session. Fredericksburg Swim Camps are held M-Th, with Friday reserved as a rain day.