From "Finding a Great Swim Team",
questions to ask prospective swim programs:

Questions SwimKids Swim Team Programs
Does the program focus on proper technique or just swim laps back and forth? Technique Focused
Do the coaches get in the water with the swimmers and correct techniques daily? Yes
Does the program have a system of excellence? (reward system, whole team coaches training, all groups of the same level running the same training program regardless of coach) Yes
Or is it coach-dependent? No
Is the team driven by one or two great coaches? Will my child be with that coach? Not driven by 1-2 great coaches
What is the cost of the program? Click here for price info
What are the additional costs? ie, Registration fee, Swim suits, equipment list and cost, meet fees Registration fee is $99, Swim suit, team t-shirt, and swim cap is FREE, Will need to purchase fins ($20-$40) and forearm fulcrums ($20), Knee Elastics ($10), No meet fees
Are there fundraising requirements? No
Are there volunteer requirements? No
Where are the practices? Click here for more info
What time are the practices? Click here for more info
Does that work with my schedule?
What is my drive time at that time of day?
What is the commitment of practices per week for my swimmer's group? 1-4x week
Is there flexibility to fit my child's other activities? Yes
Is the coach accepting if my child is absent? Yes
What is my swimmer's interest level?
How many meets per month and per year? 3-4 meets total
How long does the program last? Sept-April
What kind of meets? Inter-squad, local, championship and how long are the meets? Inter-squad meets at normal practice location, meets are 1-2 hours total and USA Swimming meets in Virginia Swimming for those who are interested.
How far away are the meets? Intersqaud meets are at SwimKids!   USA Swimming meets that we will attend are mainly in the Northern VA area.
Does my swimmer/family prefer AM or PM practices?
If it is a board-run team many coaches have short tenures, so how many years are left on the great coach's contract? Not a board-run team, privately owned
If the coach owns the team, is he or she a good businessperson? Team is owned by successful coach and business owner
If not, do they have a strong support staff to run the business end of things? Yes
Is the team/group fun? Yes
Do they do social activities outside of practice and how often? Yes
Is the coach "old school" (a screamer, "my way or the highway")? No
Is there frequent positive reinforcement? Yes
Is the program old school? (laps, lots of yelling, static and/or not fun) No
Is the program innovative? (progressive technique, interactive, dynamic, fun)? Yes