For ages 6-teenage.

Our SwimKids program features a confidence-building curriculum for children aged 6 - teenage. Your child will be placed in a level based on their ability, and moves at their own pace through our curriculum.  When children have advanced their skills, they'll become eligible for our Stealth Swim Team!

Classes are kept very small, up to 5 children in a SwimKids class.

The program moves at your child's pace; as soon as your child achieves the goals of the current level, he or she will advance to the next level and pick a prize from the SwimKids Treasure Chest! Each level is broken down into easy to achieve skills so that your child will constantly be receiving positive reinforcement as they learn to swim.

SwimKids swim lessons are offered once/week for 30 minutes or 5 days in a row (5 lessons in one week) Summer Swim Camp.

Choosing a Class for Your Child Aged 6 and Older

Making sure your child is in the right class for them is important. Please choose only ONE of the choices below that best describes your child's current ability in the water. If you're not sure, please underestimate their skills, as we would much rather place your child slightly under level to have them quickly gain confidence! Remember, that our classes move at your child's pace, so as soon as the skills for their level are achieved, your child will immediately graduate and advance to the next level.

Want your child to make progress quickly? During the summer months, take advantage of SwimKids' Summer Swim Camp! Weekly sessions available all summer long at our Woodbridge, Gainesville, and Leesburg locations. Summer Swim Camp really gives swimmers a jump start on their swimming as they receive 5 classes every week! Our Fredericksburg location offers outdoor 2 week Swim Camps M-Th with Fridays reserved as a rain day. Our classes do fill up each summer, so we encourage you to register early for all sessions you wish to attend so that your space is reserved.

Click below to find the best level at which to start your child and see the available classes and prices.

My child is not yet comfortable going underwater by his/her self.
My child is comfortable going underwater by his/her self but CANNOT yet float by his/her self. (This is the level to pick if your child cannot float both on the front AND the back or only "swims" using floaties.)
My child can float for 10 seconds on the stomach with the face in the water AND float 10 seconds on the back. (no floaties or support by another person; floating on their own.)
My child can float on their front and back AND can kick on their stomach a short distance. My child has not yet learned to kick on their back.
My child can kick on the stomach with the face in for 15 feet AND can kick on the back for 15 feet, but needs help learning the strokes.
My child can swim freestyle or crawl stroke for 20 feet but the technique needs help. (stroke looks splashy, arms sloppy, no body roll).
My child can swim freestyle with good technique (high elbows and body roll) but needs help with side breathing.
My child can swim freestyle with side breathing but needs help with the backstroke.
My child can swim 25 yards freestyle with side breathing and good techique and can swim backstroke and is ready to learn or working on breaststroke and butterfly.
I am unsure of my child's skills.