Learn the basics of how to swim with Coach Krissy in these 4 beginner videos!

Learn to swim and improve your strokes at SwimKids where small classes, instant advancement, and world class coaching make swimming fun and successful!

With 5 locations in the DC Metro area in Leesburg, GainesvilleWoodbridge, and Fredericksburg, SwimKids offers swim lessons for babies from 2 months old with their parents through competitive swim team.  SwimKids' unique blend of small child-focused classes, immediate advancement upon goal completion, and positive reinforcement lead to a high level of achievement in the pool. Click here to learn more about us ...

Did you know swimming has been scientifically proven to make your baby smarter? Come see our FREE Parent Preview to learn more! Click here to Contact Us to enroll for the FREE Parent Preview!

Our Facilities
**Awarded BEST FACILITY in the UNITED STATES Swim School Association for 2 consecutive years!"**

SwimKids' custom-built facilities are modern and family-friendly with innovative designs, warm water pools, and cutting edge technology, such as UV disinfection, to keep the pools pristine at all times. The pools are kept 88-90 degrees year-round and feature built in tot docks for babies, teaching areas of shallow depths for varying age groups, and SwimKids Aquatics Center in Woodbridge features a 25 yard pool for the Stealth® Swim Team.  Floor to ceiling curved glass surrounds the pools while parents enjoy viewing areas equipped with comfortable seating and WiFi.  Family changing rooms, a play area for siblings, and an onsite swim shop make for an easy visit for families.   For a unique birthday party experience with an inflatable in-water dragon slide and obstacle course, check out SwimKids™ birthday parties!

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  • "My daughter started in SwimKids a year ago when she'd just turned 3. She was afraid & didn't want to put her head under the water. Within 2 lessons, she was no longer afraid & would eagerly go under water. Needless to say, this made everything, especially bath time much easier. My family was amazed that at 3.5 she could actually really swim on our summer vacation! She has continued to progress under the watchful eye of her beloved Coach Ashley. Ashley really "gets" my little diva & Margie strives to impress her. I can't say enough good things about the program and the staff at the Gainesville facility! "

    ~Mary-Rose Amos

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SwimKids Swim School Did you know babies who swim acquire important language skills well ahead of "what's normal"? Children who swim can start to understand and use "the future tense" *two years* ahead of CDC milestones! (Griffith University, Griffith Institute for Academic Research).

It may seem like a peripheral skill, but the next time you say to your toddler, "First we eat our carrots, and then we will have a treat", you can be confident they understand you! :-)
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SwimKids Swim School Meet Coach Ben, a true hero who is always ready to hit the water. A "native of Prince William County, born and raised", Ben would like to someday get a "Doctoral Degree in Psychopharmacology" where he "would be able to research, develop, and create new drugs with the possibility of curing diseases.” What Ben loves most about working at SwimKids is "all the connections you can make with kids and the impact you're making in their lives and vice versa. Something I've learned about myself while working at SwimKids is that I'm able to be more extroverted than I usually am in my personal life.” When Ben isn’t working he likes to “simply just relax, either by playing video games with my siblings or sleeping”. Ben’s favorite book is "Contact" by Carl Sagan. Ben doesn’t have a dream vacation in mind and says, “I don't have a particular country I would like to visit, but I would want to explore all the different natural parts of the world and observe wild animals”. If Ben could be any animal he says “I would want to be a blue whale because they're a majestic creature and for being so large, they're able to hide very well only coming up when they choose to”. Something that Ben finds he is most proud of “is actually saving a life as a lifeguard by performing rescue-breathing until EMS arrived and took over.” That's an amazing story, Ben! Thank you for saving lives everyday by teaching our swimmers how to swim and be safe in the water. It's great to have a true hero as part of our SwimKids Family!